Knowing Barcelona was born out of our passion for the Catalan Capital and for our overwhelming desire to tell the world about the city’s beauty, culture, history, gastronomy and every other aspect that makes Barcelona one of the most attractive cities in the world.

We are a group of friends and admirers of Barcelona and everything related to the Catalan culture. For this reason, we joined forces in order to show off the city which we hope impresses and encourages groups or families to choose Barcelona as the preferred destination for spending a few days, weeks or even building a new life here.

With this aim, we have carefully selected the social and cultural activities which we feel will encourage people to take a new look at Barcelona. We also offer comprehensive information regarding special offers and discounts in dining, accommodation and leisure activities.

We wish to share all this information with everyone who chooses Barcelona as their preferred tourist destination and demonstrate the countless options of interest for your holidays. We shall guide you and acquaint you, first hand, with every hidden gem and special interest area of Barcelona city.

At Knowing Barcelona, you will find the most comprehensive guides on the city that will guarantee you fully enjoy to the maximum every minute of your time here exploring the streets of this beautiful city.

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