Nou Barris is a district in the north end of Barcelona, between the mountain of Collserola and Avinguda Meridiana. The neighbourhoods that make up this district today, most of which are located in what were historically known to be the municipalities of Sant Joan D’Horta and Sant Andreu del Palomar, developed in the XX century, with spikes of growth in the 50s, 60s and 70s.

In recent years, it has become the centre of attraction for yet another huge immigration wave mainly due to the rather economical house prices. Since 2000 this district has undergone remarkable changes both in its diverse ethnic composition and commercial networks and establishments. Currently Nou Barris has the largest registered gypsy population in metropolitan Barcelona and hosts the biggest immigrant community composed for the most part by Pakistani, Philippine and Ecuadorian citizens. In 2009 the total population amounted to 169.961 inhabitants. Regarding knowledge and use of the Catalan language, it was understood by 92,8% of the population and spoken by two thirds by mid-decade.

Places of interest in the neighbourhood are: The tower of Torre del Baró, notable parks such as, Parc de la Guineueta or el Parc Central de Nou Barris (Nou Barris Central Park), which houses the Biblioteca Popular de Nou Barris (Nou Barris Public Library), the Municipal Council and local police station, to name a few.

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