If ever there were two neighbourhoods in Barcelona that possessed the perfect amalgam of the mundane and elegance, these would be, without equivocation, those of Les Corts and Pedralbes.

Flimsily divided by the Avinguda Diagonal, we encounter the following in either one; on the one side, Les Corts, the most central neighbourhood in the district, once the nucleus of the former borough of Les Corts; it was annexed to Barcelona in 1897 and corresponds roughly to the district as we know it today hence providing it with a name.

It throws in the mix buildings belonging to earlier establishments set up in the XVIII and XIX century along with more recent constructions. During the XIX century it opened its street and the Plaça del Carmen, situated in the heart of this popular neighbourhood. The Can Novel quarter comprises of the land that was the older FC Barcelona pitch in the years between the 1920s and 1960s, now located in the areas of La Maternitat and San Ramón.

On the grounds of the old Can Batllorí farmhouse, just above Avinguda Diagonal, Neolithic and Iberian remains were found as well as for a villa and a Roman necropolis.

On the other, Pedralbes, a neighbourhood that also makes up the Les Corts district. Affluent classes constitute the bulk of its population with particular concern to Avinguda Pearson. It is in this neighbourhood that we find the mansion that houses the Consulate of the United States of America and, to add a finishing touch, multimillionaire residences. An imperturbable place, with broad streets and avenues and given that it is essentially a residential area stores are nowhere to be found. In the 1940s and 1950s the Pedralbes circuit was adopted for motorbike and car racing.

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