The Forum Bath Area isn’t that much considered a beach since there’s not a grain of sand, but rather a bathing area, peculiarity to which it owes its name. It is one of the most innovative creations and perhaps the best use made of the Barcelona Forum Park. Open to the sea, yet within a ludic space it almost resembles an actual beach.

Then again, it is the one beach charged with some history. In fact, this coastal curtain bordering Barcelona and Sant Adriá de Besós is also known as Camp de la Bota bringing back painful memories to the people of Catalonia. It was here that Francoist prisoners were brutally executed as we are reminded by the memorial erected in tribute to the 1.700 victims. This same memorial is placed on the esplanade that takes us to the bathing area. Despite its tragic past, it has been reinvented and avails of several bathing areas suitable for children given the shallow waters and supervision to ensure its visitors well-being.


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