Diagonal Mar i Forum it’s one of the most modern neighbourhoods in Barcelona, designed and created according to an urban plan realized in celebration of the 2004 Universal Forum of Cultures.

It derives its name from its peculiar location, rising from where Avinguda Diagonal begins and flowing into the Mediterranean sea. From the sea, more specifically from Llevant Beach, we may observe three residential towers placed from left to right in order of height and named respectively Illa de la Llum, Illa del Bosc and Illa del Cel. Right behind them is where the spacious and modish Diagonal Mar Park is situated, a park of tremendous proportions and rather Modernist.

Large high-tech companies have been setting roots in the neighbourhood as have many other novel establishments and luxury hotels in this urban space. Just on the bordering lines delimiting its perimeter stands the Forum Park, a venue used for music events and performances. To this day, the increase in its population mirrors the continued growth of this district, that combines modernity with the essence of a working class neighbourhood.

It has come to define itself more of a residential area than a cultural one. Despite this, to get lost amidst the towering skyscrapers and green areas at just a stone throw away from the cool breeze of the sea, makes for a pleasurable experience in another of Barcelona’s districts.

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