Gaudí said that a work of art must be seductive and universal and such is the mark he has left on Barcelona.The intense colours, curvilinear forms, sculptural façades and evocative spaces that Antoni Gaudí (1852 – 1926) created in Barcelona bestow the city with such captivating creativity. Houses, churches, parks and palaces, but also street furniture, furniture design and Barcelona restaurants are in essence the artist’s hallmark.

Simply design your own route and allow yourself to be beguiled. Fences and wrought iron bars, stained glass, ceramics and all kinds of Modernist furniture are one with the artist’s fertile imagination. Neither piece we dare mention would ever overshadow the other; it is sufficient to name but one of his works to come to realize the relevance his art has had in the city of Barcelona.

Paseo de Gracia is where we find the most attractive and known residences desgined by Antoni Gaudí: Casa Milà, the famous Pedrera, with undulating shapes that resemble sea waves. Further down, Casa Batlló, metaphor of the legend of Sant Jordi (Saint George).

Continuing along the trail Gaudí created through his art we reach his major unfinished masterpiece: the Sagrada Familia. Let’s not forget Park Güell, an indispensable prerequisite for understanding Gaudí ’s game between nature and architecture. A walk through the Barcelona forged by Antoni Gaudí ’s hand, will allow us to appreciate more the author and the city seen through his eyes.

What to Visit


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ericGaudí’s Barcelona