Knowing Barcelona collaborates with the three most important foundations in Barcelona. We are fully aware of the current challenges that our society faces such as hunger, disease and the struggle of many families to keep a roof over their heads or put food on the table. Knowing Barcelona wants to play their part and give back.

One of Barcelona’s main strengths and sources of income is tourism and it is precisely through tourism where we want to collaborate with foundations, using the city to create further tourism.  These social contributions and efforts are very important to us. Our aim is to help combat the struggles that many people and families find themselves in day in, day out.

We work with public soup kitchens and housing projects who help the homeless, we contribute to medical research and we assist in the educational sector. Through these activities, we try to give part of what we receive through our work, back to those who are most in need. For this reason, every time you decide to use Knowing Barcelona, you can do so knowing that part of what you are investing in during your stay in the city also serves to help thousands of children and families from lower economic and social backgrounds.

Thank you for choosing Knowing Barcelona on behalf of the organization and all of those who through your help will enjoy a brighter future.


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