The Catalan flag is a symbol that will not go unnoticed when passing through Barcelona city. This powerful emblem for the Catalan state is called Senyera. The Catalan flag is yellow with four horizontal red strips running across it.

We can spot it draping down every building wall as well as in many government establishments. The Seneyera, as any other flag, has a long history. Although it is said to have existed as from the year 878, it was not until the 18th century that the Catalonians adopted it as their own.

There is a non-official variation to the Catalonian flag used by its people as a symbol of independence, the Estelada. It consists of the same flag, but adorned with a white star and a blue triangle. You may find it overhanging numerous balconies throughout the region, and may be spotted even more than the official flag.


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