The Catalonian country  is abundant in fresh food and native crops. Perfect weather and a very fertile land favor both agriculture and livestock farming, making it the perfect scenario for a gastronomic feast.

Local delicacies can be savored throughout the Catalan country, relegating other products such as cured ham, imported from nearby communities, to a second place.

We will enumerate some of the most typical and traditional Catalan dishes which give regional cuisine that added touch of flavor:

-Butifarra amb mongetes (pork and spices sausage with white beans): a great combination of Catalan agriculture and livestock. This fresh and tender sausage is made from pork meat and accompanied by stewed white beans. A succulent and tasty dish common to all Catalonia.

-Escalivada: This traditional dish of smoky grilled vegetables such as aubergines, onions and red peppers, served with l´escala juicy anchovies.

-Escudella i carn d´olla (traditional soup and stew): A typical Catalan soup made of “galets“ (shell shaped pasta), accompanied by minced meat balls, bacon, eggs and bread crumbs seasoned with garlic and parsley. A delicacy commonly ate at Christmas celebrations.

-Calçotada: This dish is commonly eaten during the first four months of the year, when the so-called calçot is cultivated, a long bulb that belongs to the onion family. The calçot is prepared grilled on a barbeque fire that burns branches to grill them until they are well cooked and golden. Once taken off the fire the skin is peeled off and the calçots are dipped into the famous Romesco sauce which is typical of Catalonia. Finger-licking good!.

Other typical dishes include the famous Pa amb tomàquet (Tomatoe bread), the pannallets (little bread), the Palamós prawns and the fabes a la catalana (Broad beans stew).



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