To accommodate the 1992 Olympic Games, the city of Barcelona opened itself up to the sea.  The coastal areas of the city were renovated and modernized, especially the city’s seaport.  This allowed its beaches to gain a better presence and importance within the city. Once work was finished, Barcelona’s waterfront was revitalized and regained a special charm.  It now offers an ideal place for local swimmers and tourists alike to rest and relax by the warm Mediterranean Sea.

As a result of this large inflow of new visitors, beach bars began to pop up along the coastline. These beach bars or “xiringuitos”, many of which are located on the same stretch of sand, used to sell ice cream, water and light meals which help locals and tourists alike to relax and enjoy their day at the beach.  With time, they increased their opening hours and services on offer.  These days they are practically open 24 hours.

During the daytime they offer all types of food as well as soft drinks, smoothies, gin and tonic and other mixed drinks. Come night time, many transform into specialty bars and nightclubs.

In any of these you can find hammocks to relax in and bathroom services.



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