Tarragona is an amazing city where you can discover an ancient civilization. Dine under the arches of the Roman circus, get lost in the alleys of the old town where the essence of the medieval town remains intact, or make a vermouth immersed in more than 2,000 years of history. This is the true Heritage of Tarragona! This heritage is one consisting of monuments of transcendental historical importance, of corners able to transport us to Roman, medieval, modern and modernist times; but also a heritage made up of people: their stories, their small moments, and their emotions.

In Tarragona the story comes out of the stones and books and comes to life. The city specializes in historical reenactment activities. Archaeologists, historians, writers, storytellers and more work hard to disseminate and share the history of the city; our classical civilization at events like the TARRACO VIVA festival, held in May; the programming of Tarragona Living History, held in summers; or sessions dedicated to the Napoleonic war.

There are numerous tourist stops we can make within the charm of the city that will transport us to another era. The Tarragona Cathedral, built between the twelfth and fourteenth centuries, is located where the Roman temple once stood. Additionally one should see the Roman amphitheater, a building for performances related to the fight of gladiators, and the Praetorian and Roman Circus. An interesting site is the Roman Tarraco Model, a miniature reconstruction of Tarraco as it was in the second century. And, in modernist style, we have the Balcony of the Mediterranean, a magnificent viewpoint located on the banks of the Mediterranean. Furthermore, the Seraglio is a typical neighborhood of fishermen where we can go every day to see how the fish are auctioned in the Fish Market. Finally, one shouldn’t miss the Rambla Nova, a walk through the center of Tarragona showcasing over 150 years of existence, where you will find some of the most modern shops in the city. Meanwhile, we have the Plaça de la Font, the Forum Plaça and the Plaza del Rei, as the most visited public squares in the city.

Notwithstanding, if you want to try the great quality of the Mediterranean fish and seafood, you should visit the Central Market of Tarragona, a modernist building, located near the Plaça Nova, that offers these prized products. Enjoying Tarragona, is enjoying the Roman and Mediterranean essence.




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