Port Lligat is a small village located in the town of Cadaqués, specifically in a cove of Cap de Creus and is internationally known for being the place of residence of Salvador Dalí.

The Dalí House has its origin in a group of fishermen’s huts. It was here where the artist found peace and inspiration to carry out many of his artistic creations. And nobody better than Dali himself to speak of Port Lligat, or how he rightly called it, “Secret Life”:

“Portlligat is just fifteen minutes away from Cadaqués, across the cemetery. It is one of the driest, mineral and planetary places on earth. Mornings bring a wild and bitter, fiercely analytical and structural joy. The sunsets are ghoulishly sad: olive trees, bright and lively during the day, metamorphose into a gray as motionless as lead. The morning breeze draws smiles of happy small waves on the waters; in the afternoon and often because of the islets that make Portlligat a sort of lake, the water is so still that reflects the dramas of the crepuscular sky.” Salvador Dalí.




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ericPort Lligat