The neighbourhoods that make up the district of Sants-Montjüic are that of Sants and the other of Montjüic. It is the third most populous district of Barcelona and is contoured from Gran Vía upwards by the districts of Bordeta-Hostafrancs and Sants and from the coast by Font de la Guatlla-Magòria, Poble-sec, Zona Franca and Montjuïc.

Among these, Sants is a neighbourhood of particular relevance, paced by the rhythms of purely commercial life. Marked by its industrial heritage, the installation of large industries in the past century was inevitably followed by a great influx of workers who began to set roots in the neighbourhood. With this, the need to provide the area with more establishments and that to be able to keep up with the demands of a population in continual growth, brought Sants to be as we know it today, the most commercially varied neighbourhood per square metre. A neighbourhood that is socially and culturally active where we can find the Civic Centre Cotxeres de Sants and Casninet Hostafrancs.

In the picturesque maze created by its narrow alleyways brimful with Modernist buildings we find the Markets of Sants and of Hostafrancs that both embody the pure essence of this neighbourhood.

The local celebrations held on 24th August is when the true spirit of Sants comes to life and tourists and Barcelonins alike can both relish this neighbourhood at its highest.

What to Visit


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ericSants – Montjuïc