The Sant Andreu district is located between the districts of Nou Barris, El Clot and Sant Martí. Undoubtedly, a neighbourhood that is the most fervent bearer of Catalan tradition and spectacle of Catalan flags fluttering in the air.

A residential area that emanates a familial atmosphere, landscaped gardens, pedestrianized streets and old-fashioned houses within the nucleus, it takes on the appearance of a little village located in the middle of town. The most archaic area is the welcoming Carrer Major, where it almost seems as if time stands still as its neighbours and cafes go on being the same. An urban centre that is making room to accommodate the AVE (bullet train) which will soon convert this into one of the most important areas of Barcelona.

It also includes the shopping centre “La Maquinista” that with its shops, restaurants and entertainment has created a little haven for families, locals and visitors to enjoy.

The streets that delimit its perimeter are Avinguda Meridiana and Ronda Litoral and points of reference are Plaça Orfila, Sant Andreu de Palomar church and the Maquinista shopping centre.

What to Visit


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