Ciutat Vella ( Old City )  it’s and historical centre of the city. Bearer of the history of a city that lived behind the confinements of its walls until 1859, surrounded in its place today by a network of streets: the Avinguda Paral·lel, its “Rondes”,  Carrer Pelai, Passeig de Lluís Companys and Ciutdella Park.

Ciutat Vella is formed by four large neighbourhoods that harbour many more historic treasures, endowed with a strong personality and homogeneity of their own. Headed south we find Barceloneta, the youngest of neighbourhood’s, created in the mid-XVIII century as an excuse to relocate those displaced from the Ribera in order to make way to the construction of Ciutadella; to the west, the Raval, that arose from the rural roads outside its walls, the cradle of the XIX century Industrial Revolution; in its centre, el Gótic, the Gothic neighbourhood, the most ancient attestation of Barcelona, and turning to the east, Sant Pere, Santa Caterina and the Ribera, its medieval expanse.

No doubt, the most visited district in Barcelona, where we can contemplate the city’s architecture through sites such as Plaça Catalunya, the Portal de l’Angel, Carrer Pelai and the Rambla, lined with shops and amenities at each step of the way with our pick of local and exotic cuisines, all burrowed in the one place.

What to Visit


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