The architect, politician and urban planner Lluis Domenech i Montaner is considered by many the pioneer of modernism in Catalonia. Preceding Antoni Gaudí, of whom he was the master, and throughout his fruitful career he left the imprint of his style in many works and buildings that can be admired while visiting the city of Barcelona.

His entire work has a modernist taste reminiscent of the Catalan national character. His architectural techniques were ahead of his time and his style highlights the use of curved lines, decoration through the use of elements borrowed from Spanish-Moorish architecture, the decorative use of tiles and ceramics and other features directly inspired by nature.

During his career he showed a total commitment to the Catalan culture and politics, which led him to be the most successful architect of Barcelona throughout history. His legacy includes works such as the Casa Fuster, Casa Lleó Morera, Palau Montaner and the majestic Palau de la Música Catalana, one of the jewels of the modernist movement, listed as World Heritage by Unesco.

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ericDomènech i Montaner’s Barcelona