Barcelona is a city prepared for any kind of tourism, from the most cultural excursions to leisure trips mostly concerned with having fun. Fortunately, there are a great number of varied activities to do with small children.

For starters, Tibidabo Park, which is the amusement park emblem of the city, is a theme park with a lot of history and some details that are delightfully kitsch, such as the automata room and the mirrors room. Without having record-breaking attractions, the ones they have are more than adequate for children and daring adults.

For visitors who want to combine fun and culture, it is a great idea to visit the Barcelona Zoo or the Aquarium, both of which are located close to the famous Ciudadella Park and the port of Barcelona.

There are also many activities for small children in Catalunya en Miniatura and the Poble Espanyol.  The first consists of reduced scale replicas of the major sights and buildings of Catalonia, and the second showcases almost full-size replicas of buildings and monuments of the different Spanish regions. These areas provide history for children and adults in a fun and friendly context.

And if the city of Barcelona isn’t enough, you can visit the internationally acclaimed Port Aventura theme park , a place that contains six amusement parks and that continually programs shows, events and activities.

What to Visit


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