Although towards the end of the twentieth century Barcelona’s beaches could hardly be called as such, from the nineties on, and in the context of the reforms undertaken on the occasion of the Olympic Games, an extensive updating process began, cleaning the water and the sand while adding facilities, which resulted in healthy and attractive beaches. Nowadays, while Barcelona cannot be considered as a beach destination per se, millions of people visit its beaches yearly to soak up the sun and to swim in its waters.

Along Barcelona’s entire coastline, there is a sea promenade which joins all the beaches, from the Llevant in the north to the Sant Sebastià in the south, near the famous Hotel W. The beaches are all well communicated, equipped with all types of services and subject to regular maintenance. Due to their proximity, the most popular beaches are the Barceloneta, the Sant Miquel and the Sant Sebastià. Because each of them have their own charm, choosing one is very much a matter of personal taste. What is certain is that in any of the beaches we find all the facilities needed to enjoy a pleasant and relaxing vacation day.

What To Visit


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