A group of professionals and volunteers working under the mission “No one sleeping in the street” composes the Arrels Foundation, founded in 1986.

The organization dedicates itself to integrating the homeless of Barcelona City back into society. Since its inception, the foundation has focused on the homelessness problem, which is, unfortunately, on the rise. The foundation provides individualized treatment and offers housing, food and sanitary attention to the people and families who are most in need.

Their main objective is to decrease the number of people sleeping on the streets. In 18 years, they have helped almost 10,000 people and have successfully reintegrated many of them back into society, since the action of the Foundation is not limited to solving specific problems, but also to address the root causes.

The Foundation is now fully established with its outstanding effectiveness in providing the independence and freedom to those who had previously lost hope, beyond a shadow of a doubt.

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