As in all cities of the world, addresses are accompanied by small and abbreviations because this will not involve any problems or have any questions about it then we detail the most common that we will find our way through the city.

One of the things we have to consider is that in Catalonia, both signs, information boards, names, streets, walks, avenues and maps, among others must be marked in the language of Catalan Country.

In this Barcelona guide we used the most available and that we consider most useful.

Street: c. or c /
Avenue: Avda.
Passage : Ptge.
Transverse : Trav.
Square : Pl.
No number : s.n.
Right : Dta.
Left : Esq.
Town Hall: Aj.

So, if for example, you should move to somewhere in the city the following address: Av. Diagonal 450 1st. 3a. Must consider what to look Avenida Diagonal, number 450, first floor has three.

The same if it were a street, walk or traverse. Signs of the city will see that on one side there are the even numbers and the odd contrary, so following the appropriate instructions should not have trouble finding the place where you want to travel.


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