The particular history of the Funicular has been marked by great events that has welcomed the Montjuïc mountain . The Universal Exposition of 1929 boosted its construction and hosting of the Olympic Games in 1992 has been the spring has allowed its complete renovation.

The Midsummer Day (June 24) 1992 Montjuïc released one of the most modern cable cars in the world, we can now see the circular. Station Miramar, in this new era, renamed “Parc de Montjuïc”.

The May 22, 2002 the Funicular de Montjuïc was integrated as a part of the Barcelona Metro network and began regular service every day of the year.


Every day from 9 am to 10 pm. Working days of instructional service starts at 8 in the mañana. Con to function as an extension of the Metro, May 22, 2002 the rates are also integrated and now you can use the integrated transport tickets.


As the price of the ticket € 2.15, the same as the bus or subway and can use the card TMB.


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ericMontjuïc Funicular