The Rodalies de Barcelona, also called Cercanías in Spanish, are the local short-distance trains that run throughout Barcelona and Catalonia.

The train stations in Barcelona are the following: Estación de Sants, Estación de Francia, Plaza Cataluña and Paseo de Gracia. At each of these stations we may ask for information regarding train timetables and destinations to ensure we get off at the right stop.

This is also provided to us on the digital screens placed at the entrances and train platforms.


-From Monday to Thursday and Sundays: from 05:00hrs to 00:00hrs
-Fridays and Saturdays: from 05:00hrs to 02:00hrs

The price of a single one-way ticket is 2,15€. The price of the ticket will vary in accordance with our travel destination. It is advisable to consult any of the Rodalies offices located at the train stations about ticket purchases. It is also possible to learn more at the following page:


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