Barcelona’s metro system, which extends throughout the city, consists of 11 metro lines each of which is easily identifiable by name and colour-code. Before taking the metro, at every stop there is a map of the city with an overlap of the metro plan so that we may take notice of our destination and check whether we have to change lines. Nevertheless, once entered signage and tracking maps will guide us.


From Monday to Thursday plus Sundays:

-From 05:00hrs to 00:00hrs, the metro runs at intervals of one minute roughly.


-From 05:00hrs to 02:00hrs, from 00:00hrs, the metro runs approximately every 4 to 5 minutes.

Saturdays and eves of public holidays as well as on 1st January, 24th June, 17th August, 21st September and 24th September: it runs 24hrs a day.

On 24th December:

-From 00:50hrs to 23:00hrs

A single one-way ticket costs 2,15€. If we opt for using public transport for the entire duration of our stay, it is more convenient to purchase a T-10 thanks to which with one ride we can avail of any metro or bus line within a 1hour and 15minute time span aside from being more economical. It is also possible to purchase daily tickets (including for more than one day) sold at any of the stations.

For any doubts it is worth visiting the official website or calling the customer service line at: 010.

We can always request an updated map of Barcelona metro at any of the metro stations.


Download map in pdf


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