Bus lines operate throughout the city and are a formidable way to get to know Barcelona as we approach our stop and drive past sites that might spark an interest calling us in for an unmissable visit whether a monument, a plaza, a boulevard or restaurant.

We can get a single ticket directly on the bus that the bus driver will provide us with and which we must keep on our person for the entire duration of the journey.

A single one-way ticket costs 2,15€. If we wish to purchase a T-10 (a ticket with 10 rides) this can be done at any of the metro stations, an “estanco” (tobacconist) or “kiosk” (newsagent). Buses run uninterruptedly from 6:00hrs to 23:30hrs after which both locals and visitors may avail of the system of night buses covering most routes around the city including airport transfers.

Night buses run from 22:00hrs to 5:00hrs at 20 minute intervals or one hour intervals depending on the day or the zone.

For more information we can consult the website www.tmb.es or call the customer service line at: 010.


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