Regardless of when you decide to travel to Barcelona, you will find a great variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages of Catalan origin.

Probably the best-known and representative drink is the local Cava or Catalan champagne, exported to numerous countries for its foaminess and taste. Mediterranean climate favors the elaboration of the cava whose vines are cultivated in the region of Penedés. Good choices of cavas are produced in famous wine cellars such as Freixent o Codorniu.

A star beverage served at any of the terraces and bars set up along the pavements of the city is beer. We can choose to have a glass of beer or “caña” or simply order a bottled beer. Estrella Damn and Moritz are produced in Barcelona, which makes them the most commonly requested. They are also the cheapest to consume.

In the summer season, it is not uncommon to stumble upon a stand or bar tempting us with the “Horchata de Xufa” or the “Granisat”. The Horchata is extracted from tiger nut roots, and served very cold. The granisat (crushed ice drink) is a sugary, refreshing slush prepared with iced lemon, orange juice or coffee. You can find them both mostly during the summer season, though they may be served at some bars all year round. Their approximate cost is €3 or €4 depending on the size of glass you choose to be served in.

Liquor and sweet alcoholic beverage lovers, will love “Moscatel” and “Ratafía”, both elaborated with macerated dry fruit, and normally drunk at the end of a meal.



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